Monday, March 25, 2013

Painting and Ceilings

We made a large priority list and only deviated a little from it. Painting the bonus room bathroom walls was not on the list but was such small minor job and this is the main bathroom for us right now so I did it. Benjamin Moore - Aura - Waterfall a Robin's Egg blue with a touch of green. Lighter than the guest bedroom by a few shades. The afternoon sun transforms this little windowless one skylight bathroom. I used Rustoleum Oil Rubbed Bronze spray paint to cover a boring white exhaust fan cover that is on the wall above the tub. It looks great.
The majority of this wall will be covered by a 5' vanity, wall to wall mirror, light fixture & pebble tiles
Perry installed the light. We just love it. Bamboo Collection from Troy Lighting
Time to make a final decision on the exterior rock colors. Boral - Chardonnay  Ledgestone
Our local Timmy's.... lol that was my inspiration, thank you French Vanillas.....
Looking up toward the loft, painting the right side wrapping around into the bedroom an olive green
Bedroom wall olive green, the back wall will be covered in rock and the east wall with all the windows will be Flagstone brown like the great room
Perry nailing on the ceiling boards in the bedroom
The ceiling boards as viewed from my side of the bed lol!
1x6 pine boards stained with Old Masters Dark Walnut and varathaned with 2 coats of Diamond Finish satin finish. Very woodsy log cabinny... and lots of places for the spiders to hide....oh boy! The white skylight channel will be painted taupe.
Yay, bedroom ceiling is complete. But see all that great room ceiling in the back ground.... well sounds like the "guy" is gonna start installing the tongue and groove on Monday. I am behind in oiling the boards for him. So back to the lake I go today to get a few more days ahead of oiled boards. We are using Watco Oil on poplar boards. A very nice sheen and walnut color.
Just learned how to take a panorama pic on my IPhone. Loft and bedroom. Too cool. See the stack of wood on the far left side, that pile is ready, all the rest is waiting to be done.
Stay tuned for boring oiling wood pictures unless I take a few hours off to paint some blue in the bonus room that I am dying to around my sewing area. Using the same color we painted in the guest room. I will post all the colors and codes for the paint used because they are spectacular lol.

Enjoy the warm spring-like week  of melting.... NOT melting boo!
Respect... Relax... Enjoy... Dorri

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