Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Florida Day 52

Our most wonderful vacation is winding down. Time to get back to reality and get productive. But until then I will share another slice of Florida with you all.

A beautiful sunrise over the water. Yes I am up early enough today to actually see one! Who knew?
Down the beach after high waves the night before massive flocks of gulls.
Fly away fly away home...
Mine... Mine...Mine.... plenty of dead creatures for all little birds... stop fighting!
A little sea urchin washed up on the beach
A pretty little Angel Fish I think, very flat and very round
Sure glad this guy was dead.... very scary American Eel about 3 feet long
The egg case of a Clearnose Skate is sometimes called a Devil's Purse. In the sea these cases hold the embryo safely for several months and then they split open to release the fully formed baby skates.
My second starfish find. A 9 Pointed Starfish. It is upside down after I soaked it in Vodka for 4 days  to cure it. My first 5 Point Starfish was soaked in rye and it turned reddish brown lol!

We decided to be more selective in the shells now because we likely have a 20 or 30  pounds already but it is still soooo much fun finding a great one!
Help a Trunk Fish is jumping into my mouth. Pretty pokey.
I will save you from the Trunkfish and eat him before he eats us!
Debating over whether I should bring this little guy home or not. He is pretty dried out and  preserved? Or is he gonna get stinky?
More dolphins in the surf right in front of us again. You could almost reach out and touch them. It is the most amazing thing to have them so close to you. They jump in and out of the waves feeding.
Must be little fishies to eat in the waves by the beach today.
And as an added aside to my beach pics we found a new wine we absolutely love..... A very nice mellow Pinot Noir from California. Give it a try.

Off to enjoy our last week on the beach.

Relax... Respect... Enjoy... Dorri

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