Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Sea Life is the Life for Me

Perry and I spent a wonderful relaxing day on the beach yesterday. The most amazing thing happened. Like most days we were in and out of the water looking for shells by the tide lines and in the waves. I had walked out in the water to my waist to rinse off sand and shells. To my wondering eyes 3 or 4 dolphins popped up about two feet from me and swam around for a couple minutes right there. I had a front row show it was incredible. I would love to re-experience that again. I totally had eye contact with a couple of them. Wow. Dolphins hold a special meaning to Per & I so this was a little magical treat for us, Perry was watching from the shore.

Feb 20/2013 We awoke early this morning to walk on the beach and check the shell situation out at first light. I guess we kinda got up a little too early as it was still black dark at 6:00 am!! Being the troopers we were we thought we would just wait out the sunrise. The weather was warm and the tide was fairly low. Here are pictures of some of the interesting creatures that we seen on our walk.
Cow Nose Sting Ray.... sadly gone to that big ocean in the sky
Horseshoe Crab we have seen some HUGE ones of these and the gulls love them
I can't find out what this was? It is soft tissue icky looking thing about 8" long
Hermit Crab in a cute little Tiger Eye shell..... I wanted the shell he wasn't giving it up
Sting Ray about 18" in diameter considerably smaller than the Cow Nose Ray
Cow Nose Ray are sometimes referred to as skates or stingrays, they are technically neither and belong to their own family of rays.
Leopard Crab also called the Calico Crab
A really pretty yellow Calico Scallop shell from this mornings foray

Respect... Relax... Enjoy... and rest in peace little sea creatures.... Dorri

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