Tuesday, February 12, 2013

One With Nature....Crazy or Cool?

Come on Wally jump on!
Throwing a towel on Wally!
Red Bull gives me wings
We have had a crazy couple days of animal adventures. I believe this is a great place to be if you want to see a myriad of animals in the wilds. Some of the animals we have seen were not in the wilds though. Quite close to home. When we came home on Monday from taking mom and dad to the airport Danny had seemingly adopted a little creature. A pigeon. Danny says that this little guy followed him around the condo hallway and followed him home. Then apparently he was invited in "DANNY"!!! When we arrived at the door he was waiting at screen door to get in again. I guess they thought they had better chase him out before we got back. Bird lover that I am I said "oh let him in", regretfully we did. After a few flying around attempts and then landing on everything we thought we had better kick him out again. He even landed in a bowl of water and started drinking it and had a couple pieces of watermelon. It was quite a performance getting him back out, we attempted to trap him with a towel. I had him on my finger for a couple minutes but couldn't get him back on there. Eventually after chasing him around the kitchen and the kids bedroom we got him out. He jumped up on the window ledge and stayed there all night. He was still there in the morning. I felt bad for him but the mess he left would win no friends with the other residents.... when we left for our Everglades tour he was still sitting there.... Poor Danny said his goodbyes and we left. He was gone when we returned.... maybe he went back home to his family.

Today we toured down to the Everglades and spent the day learning about the glades flora, fauna and wildlife. We saw hundreds of wild alligators and birds of all varieties. We ate alligator at lunch in a restaurant in Everglade City and really enjoyed it. Tasted like chicken lol.
Just off the air boat what a lot of fun!  Ashley eating her alligator bites. Yummy!

Baby alligators about 1 month old. Ann from Everglades Adventures was our awesome guide.

Me with a 2 yr old alligator...yes I did it! He was very calm and not slimy or cold or anything.
Ashley braved the Albino Boa Constrictor about 12 feet long and 20 pounds. They had many snakes there much larger behind bars thankfully.

Arghhhhhhhhhhhhhh he's got his mouth open!
Mr Snake peeking thru Ashley's hair at us! Ugh!!

Dodo the cockatoo and Snakeman Danny!

Dorri with a beautiful macaw and Ashley feeds a very old tortoise a cucumber.
Ashley and the Swamp Ape
Dorri and the Skunk Ape
Apparently this place we were at is owned by a guy who is famous for having seen/hunted this Skunk Ape???? Google it to read the story...kinda crazy. We had an amazing day down in the glades, it will be one to remember for sure. The place was full of beautiful orchids of every size and description, many tropical birds and small animals. The endangered glades were full of alligators of every size, raccoons, squirrels (just like at home), birds a plenty, ducks, a tiny little deer, otters and turtles. I totally recommend this day trip if you are ever in the area. It was incredible. Our guide was also a biologist and she imparted a lot of information about the area. Very informative. The airboat ride was exciting, fast and loud. They take you right up beside the alligators. We looking at returning maybe next week to kayak down the river in the Big Cypress National Preserve. Very exciting to think about. It was the best day ever!
Relax... Respect... Enjoy... Dorri

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