Monday, February 11, 2013

Florida Day 30

Crazy cloud we saw!
First day on the beach for the "kids"
We have just passed the halfway mark for our Florida vacation. My parents are off to the airport today to fly home to the mountains of snow awaiting them. It was a great time for them to be away with the cold and the weather. We drove them up to Bradenton, FL to spend a couple nights with their friends Mike and Irene from Moose Jaw and sounds like they had a great time. Danny and Ashley arrived that same day at about midnight and the only good thing about the time was the traffic was light.
Miceli's Restaurant
Mom on the beach
We spent a day over on Pine Island and went to their community art show. I saw the best beach scape being sold as we walked in! Boo me for sleeping in. I bought a couple little tiny acrylics to hang in the bonus bathroom with seagulls in them. I feel a bit of an affinity to gulls now after the snake incident haha. Stopped at a little Italian place to have a drink on their  patio and was rewarded with a front row show of Manatees swimming in the estuary/canal there. But everytime I saw them and got my camera ready they went back under but they are amazing and huge. Danny wants to swim with them. I think they will eat him?
Sunset at the Atrium. Sand, surf, family & wine.

The seashelling has been amazing the last couple days. The piles of shells right on our beach are two feet deep and run for miles. Perry and I have been jogging in the early am and I am trying to focus on the run and not stop for a special shell but it isn't working very well. We found a couple nice Lightening Welks for mom along the way. I wonder if we can convince them to take a few bags home for us too?

Last night we went out for supper to Osaka, a Thai and Japanese restaurant, on the Japanese side (Hibatchi) they cook in front of you and on the Thai side you just order. We had some interesting sushi I ordered what I thought was Dynamite Rolls and it ended up being mussels in their shell with a cooked craby mix on top? I ate one and I survived. We ordered normal Maki rolls which were good as usual and then Perry ordered something called Tiger Eye... I said that it didn't sound like a roll oh oh... some sort of Sashimi. I ate one and I even survived that. Actually other than being a little chewy it was fine but of course a little wasabi hides the taste of anything. The cooked meal was great and entertaining. Poor Ashley was carded though and she didn't  have her ID with her. 24 and no Thai beer for her. It was a great early celebration for Perry's 50th birthday.
Acro Yoga Ash and Dan
Perry & Dorri attempt a move
You still got it at 50 my love
Last night sitting around after the restaurant Ashley  was showing us some Yoga moves... Was pretty funny but no one was injured in the making of the movie!!! Lots of laughs. I miss having her around. This week has been a gift having Ashley and Danny with us here.
Ash the scorpian
No more wine for me

Happy Happy 50th Birthday to my love Perry. Looks like another wonderful day to share with you in Florida. Memories to treasure for years to come.

Relax... Respect...Enjoy... Dorri

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