Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Florida Day 21

Another beautiful day has risen. The muted pinks and oranges cascading across the morning sky. Day 21 and we are almost to the halfway point of our vacation. The time has flown much too fast. We enjoyed a great week with Perry's parents. Mine arrived on Monday. This is a crazy week for the airport... we will be there 3 times as Ashley & Danny arrive on Thursday. Next week only twice lol. Will be enjoying a Chai Tea Latte from Starbucks every time we pass thru there. The shelling is still very spectacular here and mostly only right on our beach. Mom and Dad T went home with two extra suitcases full of shells plus we sent a few pounds home with them too. They are now home safe and sound in Saskatoon.
Mom & Dad Thomas at the Naples Zoo
Macaws at the zoo
We enjoyed a few hours of antiquing. Tried to find some garage sales but we batted zero on that quest. I found some silver spoons to make into a driftwood and fish wind chime. Another project that will be on hold until we get the staining, varathaning and painting done in the house!!! But I am prepared. On a very happy note the drywalling is being installed this week. When we arrive home the house will look somewhat different with solid walls. I am very excited. We should be able to finish the guest room where we are living except for the floor.
Poor crabbie... still alive but half of him was missing
Crazy crabs

We walked for miles on Fort Meyer's beach and looked around their boardwalk area and the touristy trap type stores. There was plenty of sealife washed up on the beach. Crazy crabs that look like aliens. Jelly things and eggs sacks for the Lightening Welk shells. Saw some star fish on the tide line missing the odd leg. Watched a "herd" of dolphins playing just out in the surf. Crossing the causeway is another great opportunity to see them playing in the wakes behind the big boats.
My pool boy!

Were gonna take a drive up to Bradenton, about 2 hours north, in a couple of days so my parents can visit with some Canadian friends of theirs for a day or two. Perry is looking forward to seeing a new area of Florida.
Mom is down trying her luck at the shelling today. The piles of shells are deep so she should have some good finds. Time for me to go enjoy the sun.

Relax...Respect...Enjoy your day... Live Intentionally cos life is good.... Dorri

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