Sunday, February 3, 2013

Dorri Loves Seagulls.....

The snake that remained.... ewhhhhhh!
Today we saved a seagull's life... well in our opinion we did.... we think we did and it makes us feel better to think we did. We were sitting on the beach on Captiva Island enjoying the warm sea breezes when we noticed a seagull with a branch sticking out of it's beak. So we were tempting it with peanut butter pretzels and tsking tsking tsking it to get it to come close to my hand with crumbs in it. Amazingly it came very close to my hand. After a few missed chances I eventually grabbed the "stick" and kept hold and pulled as the seagull pulled away. To our astonishing eyes... the "stick" kept coming and coming out and then it was all out.... it was majorly gross. Again we assumed it was driftwood or maybe a piece of seaweed grass. Perry looked a little closer and decided that a snake was what it was. While it was a good thing I think, the thought that I actually touched a snake with my fingers just kills me. We gave Mr. Seagull some  pretzel crumbs and he ate some and seemed fine. Watched him for the rest of the day and he seemed ok. Probably had a sore throat. Made me so happy.
Captiva Island
Back on the beach by our condo we decided in the spirit of birds to feed the gulls. Bread and peanuts. O my gosh.... they are rabid. One calls his friends and before you know it we have 25 birds around us. But it was lots of fun feeding them and the little sand pipers, bits of bread and stuff. Loved it. Another great day on the beach in Florida....

Relax... Respect... Enjoy... Dorri

Dorri and the birds....

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