Wednesday, January 2, 2013

The Biggest News EVER....

Relationship Status Update
We Are Engaged
The wedding band
On the evening of December 23rd Perry asked me to marry him. On one knee in front of the fireplace at the Lakehouse. I was sick and fighting a cold. We were sitting there watching the twinkling Christmas lights outside the windows and enjoying the peace and quiet. We had chosen to open our Christmas presents that evening and Perry handed me a very well wrapped pretty box. I opened it to find a smaller jewellery box inside..... Now I was getting all choked up as he knelt in front of me and I opened the box to find the most beautiful ring inside. Our love had come full circle. The boy I dated in high school had become the man I love, my soulmate for all time.

The engagement ring
Respect... Relax... Enjoy... Dorri

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