Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Sun Sand and SeaWater....

As I am laying in bed tonight I am getting so excited....7 more days till we leave for Florida. I cannot wait to search for sea shells on the best sea shell hunting beach on the gulf coast. I want to send home a few boxes for our garden at the Lakehouse. How cool will our rock gardens look with tons of sea shells scattered about. Our bags are 75% packed. OK Perry get on picking your clothes out cos mine are ready. Sun tan lotion packed... check. Tennis rackets packed... check. How many Copic markers can I get away with? So I am thinking maybe 3 shades of say 8 colors.... yikes 25 markers? I wonder how much weight that will be? I can't leave my art journal at home. Gonna be my first time flying on a US airline and 1st time flying first class. I can almost taste the champagne... stellar! Awesome!!!
So many new experiences to look forward to. Mom and Dad T are coming down for a week and then Mom and Dad P will arrive. Ashley & Danny will also grace us with their presence. Yay. I can't wait to hear what plans they have for their wedding and spend some time with my baby girl!!! Who incidentally will turn 24 in eleven days. Where has the time gone. The little black haired baby girl I held in my arms has become a beautiful, smart, creative and artistic woman. I am so proud of you Ash..... I love you so much. We can't wait to spend time with you both. Maybe while we are there we should check out a few bridal stores and look for dresses for both of us???

Respect... Relax...Enjoy... Dorri

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