Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Holiday Countdown T-Minus 2 Days

The suitcases are waiting by the front door. I think we can count tomorrow as Day 1 of our 2013 Vacation. We fly out Wednesday am at 6:40. Ugh.... much much too early. Why are so many flights so early in the am? The reward will be worth it though as we will arrive at our condo by 4:00. I am so excited but it is kinda funny because as our departure day grew closer, the more creative I became and the more projects I wanted to begin. Oh Pinterest.... what have you done to me? Perry and I both believe we will return home refreshed and full of ambition to complete the Lakehouse in a timely manner. Of course we have very little control over the sub-trades but we can dream! We were hoping for the drywallers to come and do their messy job while we were away but it isn't looking very promising right now.
To assuage my creative genes I have packed much more than 25 Copic markers... shhhh Perry won't even see that until we arrive and unpack lol. I plan to spend down time working on my photo books in IPhoto and hope to have some ready to order by mid February. The photos on this Mac have been stagnating much much too long. New photos new memories are already starting to pile up. I cannot wait until we can shelve the photo books on our new bookshelves in the Lakehouse.

Live Intentionally....
Relax... Respect... Enjoy... Dorri

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