Friday, January 18, 2013

Florida Vacation Day 3

 Starting to settle into island life on Sanibel. The warmth of the sun on our skin is a welcome change from the frigid winter we left behind in the frozen north. Travel day and the flight was long but uneventful. 1st class was fabulous and very comfortable.

My first view of Sanibel Island.  A little more green than what we left behind hey?

The condo is better than described. The area is very quiet and the beach is right there 30 seconds from our door. We went and picked some seashells on Thursday and found a
treasure trove of them. I am
excited to see what I will make with them back home. All kinds of plans for mosaics for the bathrooms of the Lakehouse. The grounds are meticulously gardened. There is a wide variety of plants and many orchids grafted to the trees. Perry says I cannot go buy tools and play in the gardens. But I think they need me??

We bought a pair of used bikes we found on Craig's List Thursday and went for a long 8 mile ride along the trails this morning. It was cooler so was a very comfortable ride, with many things to see. We even saw an alligator swimming  and floating in a canal. I want to see a pink flamingo but I guess my search will have to wait another day. I understand that the majority of ones you see are actually escapes from zoos!!

Perry cooking our steaks on the bbq down by the pool. Make mine rare please.

Respect... Relax... Enjoy...

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