Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Florida Day 6

Day 6 relaxing and decompressing. I am thinking we need a few more of these days yet to complete the process and become "islandized"!

The shell picking here in front of the condo is fantastic. We tried Bowman's Beach yesterday and it was quite disappointing. The beach is about 3 miles by car away from here. It is a beautiful long wide beach with facilities. The amount of shells at the tide line was very limited and the variety was very white and boring. They say that the tides vary where the shells can be found daily and we are definitely seeing that. But we are finding it very fun to search for the elusive ones. According to the guides everything we have found so far is "common" aw gee sorry.... our finds are only common. They look like treasure to me. Speaking of treasures though, apparently some old pirate back in the day had buried treasure on Sanibel and held fair maidens for ransom on Captiva. Maybe we should be digging down in the sand lol. One gold coin would be cool or some old bones!
The breakfast of champions, can u guess which one is mine?
We named this seagull "Daytime/Nightime" after a crazy video we watched on Facebook. He hung out beside us for over an hour. Just stood there. Perry fed him some raisins and peanuts but he loved us despite the feast.
The blue heron was on Bowman's Beach. He liked us too but we weren't feeding him. He just stood there beside our chairs and preened and cleaned his feathers. There are some amazing birds here but the ones I most want to see are the flamingos. Word has it though unless I see them in the zoo I won't see any in the wild. Oh well I guess I will have to be satisfied with wild alligators!

Supper out Sunday night at Doc Fords restaurant. Spectacular Quinoa salad with grilled prawns. Very nice restaurant. Excellent, friendly wait staff. Sports bar type and there was plenty of Americans getting their football fix on the zillion tvs.
West Gulf Beach in front of the condo

Sunrise Jan 22/2013 from our bedroom window

Life is good. Another awesome day enjoyed with the love of my life. Gotta go, the ocean waves are calling me.

Repect... Relax... Enjoy... Dorri

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