Monday, January 28, 2013

Florida Day 11

In front of Roosevelt Manor
Blind Pass Beach
Day 11 have we really been here 11 days? Well we have and Mom and Dad Thomas arrive tomorrow for a week. We toured around Captiva Island with our "new to us" bikes a couple days ago. What a great day. The seashelling wasn't great on that beach though. We have found no comparison to the beach out front of our condo but will continue the search. The sand at Blind Pass is powdery, soft and white. The beaches are empty. Very few people around. The waves are big and inviting; wish we had boards. We stopped at a quaint little restaurant and had a couple Long Island Iced Teas right on the beach, dogs, people and kids. The Mucky Duck was fun, an English pub meets surfer dude style. Later we biked on down the street and ate at the Key Lime Bistro and no we did not have Key Lime pie lol.
Lemonade with a Kick
Bloody Mary the Works
Nice little place, picket fence patio off the street and live music. Perry had this crazy Bloody Mary with enough food in it to feed a small family. Cool place to while away part of the afternoon. We will definitely be making a return trip to bike more of this island. Very laid back & welcoming.

Sunsets Arghhhhhhhhh lol

Sunset on the beach. Having a wonderful time. I think it is crazy though. We see the sun rise and set everyday in our normal life yet everyone stops what they are doing here and congregates on the beach to blind themselves watching that big ball of fire in the sky disappear into the ocean. The glass of wine we enjoy is more than making up for the silliness of this pastime! Am loving the romantic time we have sitting there chatting and people watching.
Perry and I biked down island to the Sanibel Lighthouse on Saturday. Nice ride thru trails and roads. There is a fishing pier on the bottom tip of the island. Lots of white birds there waiting for a handout. Lots of little fishies in some very clear blue water. These Egrets were not very scared of us, likely expecting me to toss them a prawn!! If I coulda I woulda. Strange looking ocean fish on the stringers. Kept expecting a dolphin to swim up and snatch his breakfast away. Score!!!

Snowman made of shells 

 Mr. Gecko protecting us from Mr. Snake. Man o man first sighting of a big ol' ugly blue snake in the garden by the pool. I made Perry change loungers with me so he was closer to it than I was!! My hero. Watchout Mr. Butterfly cos maybe either of those creatures will be thinking you are a tasty morsel. Wonder what mom will think of that? There is a fence between us but the bars are more than wide enough to allow a 2" body to slither thru..... ewh!
My complete haul of shells as of Jan 27/2013
Having a wonderful time, wish you all were here.....
Respect... Relax...Enjoy... Dorri

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