Monday, December 3, 2012

Luggage Tags

Quilted Luggage Tags 
(Tutorial to make a tag for your luggage to find it on the luggage carousel)

Pick a fabric that you like. Something that will stand out on the luggage carousel from everyone elses.
Cut two circles for each tag to desired size. I chose
4 1/2" circles. One for the front, one for the back of each tag.

Cut out one interfacing the same size as circles for each tag. I used white felt to give them a little more dimension and strength.

Pin wrong side of fabric to the felt. Anything or nothing can be then added to the tag. I chose to add a felt letter to the front. Draw or print a template to determine the size of letter you need. Remember to allow extra space for your seam allowance on the edge of the tag. I am a quilter so I prefer 1/4" seams.

Lay the template onto the felt and trace around the letter with a marking pen. Carefully trim the letter out of the felt.

A dusting of temporary adhesive along with pinning will hold your letter in place while hand sewing it on. Of course this can all be done with a sewing machine instead of by hand too. I like to mix a little hand sewing along with machine work. 

Cut coordinating fabric into strips to make a strap to hold the clip. I cut 2" wide strips and folded in 1/2" strips to make the strip strong . Iron the creases and then topstitch all along the strip. Cut the strips into approximately 2" pieces to hold the tag. Place ring on the fabric and fold over and zig zag closed. Place over tag and straight sew to tag with interfacing.

Centre the two circles right sides together over eachother and sew a straight stitch to join. Remember to leave a small opening to turn the tag back right side out. About an inch should do it. Reverse or knot each end of the opening. Clip carefully around the circle with sharp scissors.

Turn tag right side out and press. Fold raw edges inside the circle and pin to hold in place. Whip stitch opening securely closed.

Top stitch 1/8" from edge of tag to finish. Hand or machine quilting could be added around the letter if so desired. Any questions... just ask me.

Press tags and enjoy!

Respect... Relax... Enjoy... Dorri
...and always be creative!

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