Thursday, December 6, 2012

Lakehouse Update

I never thought this day would come but we have "some" heat now in the house. The plumber/heater dudes worked fairly industriously and the boiler is keeping that garage/workshop side very toasty. Perry installed a thermostat and we set it to 69F.  It is amazingly comfortable in there. There are a lot of covers & doors off and loose ends I believe to finish up but we are warm, happy and content. I stained some boards for the skylight in the bonus bathroom in my workshop in my tshirt... yes! Could wear short even!

Saturday was finish the fireplace installation day and first fire Saturday night. Well it was "begin the finish" for the fireplace. Now the blower has to be attached to the furnace, the fresh air intake installed and a thermostat but it makes fire. A frame will be built to accommodate the mantle and the rock work. Nice thick slate for the hearth. It is really nice to know that when we head back up there we can enjoy a fire along with a splash of wine. What is a fire without wine?

I have to pick up some touch screen thermostats this week so we can fire up the propane furnace on the house side. That will be the end of construction heaters yay and cords all over. The furnace on the other side of the house still has to have some tinwork completed before it will be up and running. We moved a construction heater over there into the bonus room. On the weekend I stained 35  boards for the ceiling in the guest room. Walnut. They should contrast nicely with the beachy white tongue and groove on the walls.

The UV Light water treatment and the softener systems are installed but not powered up. Not much purpose until we have a working sink and tub. Everything is sooooo close. But the electricians got the heat tapes wired in for the sewer and the well so we don't have to worry about those freezing up now. Wires are run for the heat mats under the slate and tile.

Perry finished the drywall and the tongue and groove in the bonus bathroom. We are going to change the tub fixtures to accommodate the hand held shower as well as the overhead shower so will have to hold off. I guess I ordered the wrong fixture with the wrong diverter argh....Until we can get a shower door made for the main floor bath that shower is off limits too. But once a breaker is installed for the Master bath we can use the steam shower.... soon.

With the warming of the wood inside the house this little guy appeared from I felt so sorry, he wanted out in the worst way but I thought that was pure suicide so he is just flying around in the house as we speak.

More great things to come next week.

Respect... Relax... Enjoy... Dorri

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