Monday, December 24, 2012

Favourite Drink Tuesday

Merry Christmas to All and To All a Happy New Year

A very easy drink to make and enjoy. A bottle of your favourite champagne and orange juice. A dash of each and you are ready to celebrate the occasion. Nothing says fancy better than a Mimosa in a flute.

Fill half of a champagne flute with chilled sparkling wine or Champagne (about an ounce) and gently stir in chilled orange juice (freshly squeezed is best). If you like you can add a dash of Triple Sec (personally this is a liqueur that goes great with most any drink). For added presentation, slice up a strawberry to decorate the rim of each flute. 

Enjoy!! I know I will be enjoying one this Christmas morning.

For cocktail techies, the drink made with just OJ and sparkling wine is called a "Buck's Fizz," when you add triple sec it becomes a mimosa. However, most people think of a basic mimosa simply as OJ and a sparkling wine.

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