Sunday, November 25, 2012

What I am Reading

Moon Shell Beach - Nancy Thayer
Just finished this book and I loved it. From start to finish I enjoyed it all. A story of two best friends and a secret beach. My great idea for this winter is to only read books about beaches or islands. While in the snowy north or on a beach in the Caribbean. Will help keep me motivated. Along with this Mimosa Per just brought me too lol!

The Cottage at Glass Beach - Heather Barbieri
I just began this new book about a mother and her two daughters on an island on the east coast of the states. The reviews were not exactly stellar but I like to make up my own opinion. So far it is feeling pretty light with a touch of mystery involved. But no matter what I read I always finish to the end even if I absolutely hate it. I will finish this in a couple of days and update you all with my thoughts.

I have a couple more books waiting in the wings in my IBook library. Then I am going to have to google for more sun, sand and surf location books. Ahhh surf... will I get to surf this winter? Spring surfing in Australia on a visit to see Brandon and Meg and maybe some diving in the Great Barrier Reef. I found my Padi dive card the other day while I was searching for Brandon's vaccination cards so it is a possibility!!!

Respect... Relax... Enjoy... Dorri

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