Saturday, November 24, 2012

Plumbers Heaters and Drywall Hangers?

The plumber/heater dudes finally arrived on Wednesday. We are well on our way to getting the furnaces and boiler rock and rolling. Monday is the scheduled day the propane runs down that line into the house. I am still kinda confused regarding boilers. I know it is the reason we have hot water and in- floor heat in the garage. But doesn't a hot water tank make hot water too? Plumber Andrew is installing faucets, taps & drains in the showers and tubs. Very high tech, the guest bath is equipped with 6 sprayers and a computer to run it!!! If there is ever a problem I am sure we will be calling 911-plumber!! I remember trying to shower at Heather's house once and the shower operated by a pull down thingy on the faucet. I couldn't figure it out lol. Gonna be some stories to tell when our guests step in the shower here.

On Tuesday Perry and I (but mostly Perry) built a deck for the jacuzzi. Decisions decisions...where to place the taps and faucets. I think you get to a point in the home building process that you just realize how many decisions you totally took for granted compared to buying a house and living with someone else's ideas.

We are very grateful and blessed for the opportunity to make these decisions even if they can be somewhat annoying. We hope that we and our families will appreciate and enjoy the results for many years to come. New traditions and memories.

Guest bathroom main floor
Moen IODigital Vertical spa system in a Mirolan shower unit. Should be fun to order the doors correct for this shower.

Bonus room bath
Delta faucet and shower system Venetian Bronze in a Mirolan tub/shower unit.

Sneak peak at the temperature inside the house today while a miserable snowstorm batters the exterior. Yep, not quite the tropics but much warmer than the camper. The  constructions heaters actually do a very good job of keeping the house warm enough for working conditions. My nose gets a little chilly at times and Zzoe definitely sleeps under the covers!! With any luck the mercury on this thermometer will climb substantially on Monday or at the very latest Thursday? Can we hope? Santa can we have heat for Christmas?

To finish on an exciting note the first of the custom cabinet drawings arrived by email today. More to arrive next week. We can start double and triple checking measurements and fine tuning the plans.

Respect... Relax... Enjoy... Dorri

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