Saturday, November 3, 2012

Moving Day.... Camping Out in the House

Headed to the lake last week with a trailer full of wood ready for the fireplace. Pine and birch cut and split. In these really cool bags for storage. We are still waiting for the top of the chimeny chase to be complete before we can fire up that baby for heat. But when that happens we are definitely ready and waiting.

Together we are stronger.... disappointing that the siding will not be finished till spring but there are lots of other jobs to be completed. I am going to cover the deck with Christmas lights and maybe you will not even notice the housewrap haha. Building a house will either kill you or teach you compromise and patience.

 We are finally out of the freezing cold trailer and into a nice cozy room in the house. I am pretending this is our little one room cabin in the woods!! Keep saying that over and over again Dorri. One wall is finished with tongue and groove I pickled white and then glazed with a touch of walnut to warm it up. Our little Sub Zero bar fridge and the 15" wine cooler will work for refridgeration and we have a bbq, microwave, hot plate, toaster oven, slow cooker and coffee maker. All the necessities of life. One bathroom no shower. Thanks mom and dad for keeping us clean once in a while. Plumbers are on target for a return trip in 2 weeks so who knows maybe we will get more bathrooms going than we know what to do with. Hoping to see the drywallers very soon.

We screwed down treated lumber on the front deck to keep the snow off the Fiberon decking boards that are stored underneath till spring. Perry and I put the BBQ up there by the front door, easy access to our temporary quarters. I moved my squirrely house to under a little grove of spruce trees across the driveway from the front deck. Hung up another bird feeder. We can still watch the antics of Mr. Squirrely protecting his territory from the chipmunks and birds.

Respect... Relax... Enjoy.... Dorri

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