Saturday, November 17, 2012

Bonus Room Bathroom Finishing

I am singing the same ol' tune I have been singing for weeks. The plumber/heater dudes are arriving to finish their jobs on Monday. My fingers are not crossed anymore. Life is what it is, they come, they don't come, whatever!

Perry and I have been working on finishing up one bathroom to use while the rest are getting prepped. We chose the bonus room bathroom as it is the only tub that doesn't require an electrician and we don't want them to come until the plumbers are done. All these crazy spray and steam showers need the electricians to wire them. There is a recessed light in the tub but maybe we can wing that ourselves. Danny can tell us how to install it, the hole is already drilled and the light is just sitting there?

Last week we moved cut central up into the bonus room and Perry started tongue and grooving two of the walls & the vaulted ceiling. Every 12 boards or so he would cut, fit and bring down to the workshop where I stained them. I used Old Masters oil based stain - Fruitwood on poplar wood. A couple coats of satin Diamond Finish Varathane will seal it when all the wood is on the walls. He ran the wire that operates the sky light thru the rafters and out and will t & g the skylight box vertically. There are a lot of confusing angles in this bathroom and I commend Per for keeping the swearing down to a minimum lol. He did a wonderful job with the t & g.

Since this is a small room we are going to hang the drywall ourselves in here as well. Really only a peaked wall behind where the cabinet and toilet will be and about 5 feet of wall above the bathtub unit. Easy peasy right? A small mud job and the horrible job of sanding is not something I look forward to. The reward is painting the drywall a beautiful beachy shade of aqua. The fixtures are all oil rubbed bronze. Slate and pebble tile will then be installed by yours truly. Since all our cabinets in the house are custom (and not complete by any means) we are going to borrow the garage half bath cabinet. It is a very cute copper topped white washed barn board 24" cabinet from Native Trails.

Well that bathroom isn't progressing much while I am blogging so I am off to work.

Respect... Relax... Enjoy... Dorri

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