Friday, October 26, 2012

Siding the South Side

Snow has arrived early in the frozen north. It is not making any attempt at disappearing for a while longer. I am sad to say that the exterior of the house will now be on hold until the spring.  A big disappointment for us. We can't control mother nature and therefore we must accept it. I think a sign must be made to remember this thought. There is plenty to keep us busy inside for a very long time and I will just think positive that when we begin the exterior again more will have been accomplished in the interior. Maybe my workshop will be finished before the siding is complete.... hmmnn now that is a good thought. Or what about the quilting/scrapbooking bonus room.... another good thought or what about a nice long hot steam in the steam shower?

That is the window I will be able to gaze out while I am sitting at my sewing machine
making fun stuff for nice people!
You can see the 3 windows below which are glass shop windows.
Respect... Relax... Enjoy your winter... Dorri

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