Sunday, October 7, 2012

Confusion & Indecision

On a gray and cloudy Thanksgiving Sunday I decided to give blogging another try. Let me see this is my fourth attempt I believe. Between texting with Ashley we got this one up and running. Thank you sweet pea for helping me with my  headers and labels etc. This blog will entail what the other ones I built were about and a little bit more. I love following blogs I stumble upon and often enjoy a few laughs at the humor of the authors. I have found some of the best craft and home ideas accidentally on their blogs. My blog will be about the building of our dream home at Little Bear Lake, my interests and thoughts, my family, what I am reading, my work as a stained glass artist and whatever else I feel like putting out there in the world. So stay tuned and have patience while I improve my blogging skills.

Today is my daughter-in-law Megan's 26th birthday..... Her first as my  daughter-in-law. She married my my son Brandon in December 2011. So Happy Happy Birthday Megan. Have a wonderful day.

Respect Relax Enjoy.... Dorri

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