Saturday, October 13, 2012

Back of House Sided - Check

The boys finished siding the back of the house on Friday just in time to to head out of the bush to the big city. Out of the great white north I should say. Why are we the only ones with snow is what I want to know. We are very happy with how it looks. It is really too bad it is gonna be too cool for any rock work this fall. Absolutely love love  love the shakes. The top dormer windows will be shakes too. Hopefully when Per and I return from our trip to FSJ the majority of the house will be sided. Then the deck is screaming to be finished. We bought Fiberon composite decking in keeping with the no upkeep on the exterior of the house. The main color Ipe is kinda two toned and should go nicely with the wood color of the doors, the secondary color is Tudor Brown and will tie in with the dark brown of the windows and pillars. I very much doubt we will have railings until next summer and that will be fine. Only fall 5 feet!!

The bump out that is shaked there is for my china buffet/hutch. I had the electricians install a plug in so I can hang my 2 tier lion water fountain. Cannot wait to hang that but I guess I will have to wait till the deck is built on the back side so the guys don't accidentally knock it off or something. It is hard to wait to begin decorating our nest. I love winter but man I wish spring was imminent.

Respect... Relax... Enjoy... Dorri

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